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Carrie is an amazing and caring teacher who loves helping her students grow as much as she loves the instrument. Classes are fun, productive and each week brings something new to learn and a feeling of accomplishment. Our class just ended and I've already signed up for the next one! - Josh M.

  • COVID sliding scale

    I'm offering "sliding scale" pricing. The 8-week class is being offered at the full price of $355. If COVID has impacted your income, please feel free to take the 50% COVID discount: $177.50. If you have not been financially impacted by the COVID crisis then please know your full price payment helps someone enjoy making music! (And helps me to keep my business open!)

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Try the first class, and if you feel the course isn't a fit, I'm happy to help you find a different level or offer a full refund. After you begin the second week of class, registration is non-refundable.

  • Special Offers

    • Refer a friend, and you each get $50 off! (With virtual classes, your friends can live anywhere! Email me for the discount code.) • Retake any class level for 50% off: $177.50 (except for Guitar for Lifers)

Satisfaction Guaranteed! 🎸

Try the first class, and if you feel the course isn't a fit, I'm happy to help you find a different level or offer a full refund. After you begin the second week of class, registration is non-refundable. New students are offered a "try the first class" rate. If you decide to continue, this price is deducted from the course. COVID discounts are available. Click on the course cards for all pricing info & full descriptions of the classes!

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Why Group Classes?

In my years of teaching experience, I’ve found that students in group classes progress more quickly and have more fun! In a group, you face challenges together­­. There is camaraderie, as well as the motivation to not get left behind. Group classes provide accountability and consistency­­ even if you have weeks where you are unable to practice at home, having a weekly group class means you can play for an hour during class time, and reminds you that you love music. Ultimately music is meant to be shared (even remotely!). It’s fun to play with others and it’s a wonderful way to meet new people who share a common interest. My classes allow for personalized attention, and I leave lots of time for questions. ​

  • BUILD STRONG FUNDAMENTALS: Students who learn to play from online videos (without a teacher) often develop bad habits, because they have no one to actually look at their fingers and give them feedback. Every person and every guitar is different­­ I will help you build good habits that make it easy for you to enjoy playing.

  • USEFUL FRAMEWORKS: Learning to play songs by memorizing shapes is like learning to speak a language by memorizing sounds --­­ you can’t have a conversation! This is where my method is different. I incorporate bite­ sized pieces of music theory so that you can understand WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. This helps you learn much faster and gives you the freedom to own your guitar playing. If you’ve been playing for a while and feel “stuck”, discovering these frameworks can move you forward. ​

  • A CLEAR PATH FORWARD: I will offer you clear and focused goals that build on each other. With so much information online, it’s easy to get distracted and spend a lot of time on truly ineffective practice. My job is to aggregate and contextualize the information for you and offer a clear path. You will complete each level with a set of concrete skills. This sense of accomplishment makes guitar playing even more fun!

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